Activity: UO Scavenger Hunt

Stay connected while at home with these Duck-themed activities. We’ll post a new one twice a week. This activity is a scavenger hunt created for you by current students. Tag @uoregon with your discoveries and we'll reshare!

Find and photograph:

  • Alphabet Photography “Oregon”: Search for random objects around your house or neighborhood that look like letters, and try to take photos of each letter to spell out “Oregon." Get creative. Keep an eye out for patterns, try different angles, or rearrange materials to fit the shape you want.
  • The Oregon "O": Flip through old magazines and book covers and take 5 photos of the different “O’s” you come across. If you want to go the extra mile, try to find “O’s” that are yellow or green.
  • School Spirit Snacks: Look for fruit, vegetables, wrappers, soda cans, or other snacks around the house that show off our school colors. Take 1 photo of a green snack and 1 of a yellow snack.
  • Nearby Nature: The UO is surrounded by lush plant life. Take 3 photos of some nearby trees, flowers, succulents, cacti, etc. Try to find some real plants around your neighborhood, or search for some fun fake plants inside your house.
  • Find the Duck: Try to find a duck at home. Look for a rubber, cartoon, or illustrated duck laying around and take a photo. If you want to test your luck, search your neighborhood for a real one!
  • Yellow and Green: Get in the school spirit, and search your home for anything that shows off our school colors. Take 5 photos of anything yellow and 5 photos of anything green.
  • Rain Resistant: Our campus is no stranger to rain. Take a photo of an umbrella, raincoat, or anything waterproof that can withstand Eugene's rainfall.
  • Spirit Gear: Gather your UO spirit gear, and take a photo of your favorite piece. If you don’t have any official UO gear yet, take a picture of your favorite yellow or green clothing item.
  • Circle “O’s”: Tons of objects are shaped like the Oregon “O”. Take 5 pictures of any circular objects you can find around your house or neighborhood.
  • Willamette Water: UO’s Autzen Stadium is just north of the Willamette River. Try to find your own body of water at home. Pour a glass, find a fish tank, or venture out to your neighborhood pond, and take a photo.
  • School Sports: The UO is known for its extensive athletics. Try to find your own athletic equipment at home. Search for a football, baseball cap, pair of running shoes, etc., and take a photo.
  • EMU Fishbowl: The EMU Fishbowl is one of the biggest student hotspots on campus. Find your own “fishbowl” at home by taking a photo of the biggest bowl you can find. Bonus points for finding an actual fishbowl.

Check out these photos a current student took while doing this scavenger hunt!
Sample images