Activity: Recycled Art Duck

Stay connected while at home with these Duck-themed activities. We’ll post a new one twice a week. This activity is a recycled art Duck created by a current student. Tag @uoregon with your creations and we'll reshare!

Gather these materials:

  • Lots of old magazines, brochures, newspapers, junk mail, and/or colored paper. Keep an eye out for cool designs.
  • An empty picture frame.
  • A sheet of construction paper.
  • A glue stick.
  • A craft blade. If you do not have a craft blade, a pair of scissors will do.

Follow these steps:

  1. Take apart your picture frame.
  2. Cut strips of your magazines, colored paper, etc., and fold them lengthwise. We recomend using a variety of bright colors and patterns. 
  3. Starting on the right or left side of the frame's cardboard backing, glue down your folded strips. You’ll want the smooth, folded edges to show. Overlap each strip so that the folded edges are each ¼” apart. 
  4. Use your craft knife or scissors to cut the excess paper hanging off the sides. If you’re using a craft knife, flip the cardboard backing over and trace the edges over your cutting mat. 
  5. Grab your construction paper, and trim it to match the size of the cardboard backing. Trim an extra inch off the bottom of the paper. This extra inch will show off the colorful strips underneath your duck design.
  6. Trace out the design of the Duck onto your construction paper. Use your craft knife or scissors to cut out the design.
  7. Glue the remaining construction paper on top of the colorful strips.
  8. Put your frame back together and tag @uoregon with your creation and we'll reshare.

Download the Duck Stencil

Check out our sample!
Duck Cutout Sample